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Free Stuff On Your Birthday

| Articles | June 4, 2012

Yes, you can get free stuff on your birthday. And better yet you can get lots of free stuff on your birthday just by going online. There are loads of companies handing out free gifts with big names like Baskin Robbins, Universal Studios, and Harrah’s Casino. From food to clothing it’s easy to make sure that you get the gift you really want this year. And we are going to tell you how it’s done. free stuff on your birthday

Now if you’ve ever been to a restaurant on your birthday you may have got a complimentary slice of birthday cake or maybe even a scoop icecream. Most restaurants have birthday deals, but they may also have a special birthday club that offers you even more than a sliver of cake. These clubs aren’t always advertised in store, so you’re going to have to search online. Most birthday clubs have rules. You can’t just get free stuff whenever you feel like it. You’ll be required to fill out some information about yourself first, at which time you’ll be given a gift card. The deal is that whenever you eat there you earn points towards free stuff. When you’re birthday comes up you’ll receive an email letting you know that it’s time to get free stuff on your birthday.

Coupons aren’t just for getting great deals on products and services, they’re also good for getting free stuff. There are tons of free coupons online, so finding them is not a problem. You need to be specific with your search however as not all deals are available in every location. Always include a location in your search so that only the deals available to you will come up. That way you won’t waste time going through offers that don’t apply to you. Typically you’ll find buy one get one free offers. If you don’t want to spend a dime then make sure to take a friend that was going shopping anyway.

The most common places to get free stuff on your birthday is through online groups. Just search for “free birthday stuff” or “free stuff on your birthday” and you’ll get pages and pages of them. Joining these groups is always free. If you are asked to pay any membership fee, then find another group. Once you’ve picked out a site to join you’ll be asked to fill out some personal information. This includes your address, birthday, and a little information about yourself like your hobbies and different things you like. This will be used to select the best possible deals that are available to you. Some groups offer coupons, while others offer rewards for completing certain tasks. If you shop mostly online, then the rewards groups are great for you. But if you don’t then you might want to stick with the coupon groups. My suggestion to you. Join as many as you can. Not every site has the same deals. If you’re only a member of one of them then you’re going to miss out on a lot of free stuff on your birthday 2012.

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