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Another HOT game available to you! Get Red Dead Redemption with Game Console for free!

  • Listed: June 20, 2012 3:54 pm
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Another HOT game available to you! Get Red Dead Redemption with Game Console for free!


Get the hottest open world action-adventure Western video game Red Dead Redemption with a game console for free today!


A journey into Red Dead Redemption Sequel

With this game, Rockstar has once again taken its claim to the throne of the “open world game”. After the Grand Theft Auto series, the developers turned their heads towards a more western approach of the genre. The result was Red Dead Redemption, a game that will be remembered as the best western, to hit the video game scene, yet.

red dead redemption gameplay

Red Dead Redemption puts you in the shoes of John Marston; a former outlaw trying to go straight, but his past simply won’t let him. Along the way, you’ll run in an amazing cast of characters that differentiate from lawful men, to all kinds of psychotic killers. The story is set on a magnificent environment across the American frontier.

The presentation will be familiar to anybody who has played a GTA game. The layer of the game has been expanded and adapted into the set. The result, is a completely impressive experience, packed with things to do and places to explore. The game engine has been updated to meet the new challenges of the western setting, and what you get is a game that looks phenomenal in motion. You’ll be compelled to explore every bit of this gorgeous environment. Rockstar nailed the look, lightning and animation so perfectly that simply riding across the countryside is enough to keep you entertained. The voice acting here is topnotch and the soundtrack is classically western.

Almost anything you could imagine doing in the wild west is in Red Dead Redemption. From simple cowboy activities: like cattle herding and breaking Mustangs, to massive fort assaults and tracking down buried treasures.

red dead redemption multiplayer

There’s a main quest filled with interesting characters and intriguing missions, that will take you twenty or so hours to complete. This is a game that is so big, filled with side quests and gambling mini games, that it will make it hard to concentrate on just one thing. Rockstar also leaves the question of morals up to you. So you’ll have to decide wether be a hero that saves every damsel in distress or the type that tends towards more evil things. There’s fame an fortune in for you, no matter what path you take. There’s a great variety of guns and explosives, and all of them are just waiting to switch on the “Dead eye” slow motion effect. The cities give a living feel to the player: from the NPC’s that practice different types of labors, to the various gangs of outlaws that pass by only to cause havoc.

The single player game is just the beginning; it continues online in a sixteen player match. The usual game modes are there: with “Team” and “Free for all” shootouts, as well as a “Capture the flag” style game. The star of the show it’s called “Free Run”: this takes the concept of a multiplayer lobby to the next level. Form up a posse and you can enter adversarial games, or you can simply roam the entire countryside of the single player game. You can also take part in different challenges like hunting or assaulting gang hideouts. All the while you will be leveling up and unlocking new character models, modes and horses to ride.
There’s an attention to detail here that you just don’t see too often in games of this scope. Despite a few visual hiccups and the occasional bugs, this is one of the best and most complete experiences around.

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